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Families Together


Adult refugees in Britain have a right to be reunited with some of their family members, but children do not. Children get separated from their families for many reasons while fleeing dangerous places. The Families Together campaign highlights the trauma faced by children when they are forced to grow up separated from their families.


Director: Catherine Prowse
DOP: George Warren
Animation: George Carman
Additional Animation: Alexander Unger and George Warren
Compositing: Tom Fisher and Ieuan Lewis
CGI: Christopher Rutledge
Music and Sound Design: Kalle Jurvanen
Puppets: Adeena Grubb
Model makers: Hetty Bax, Emma Hodgson, Natalie Jones, Kat Simpson
Art Department: Saskia Martindale, James Owens, Ada Wikdahl
Studio Manager: Christophe Leignel
Thanks to: Matthew Day and Thomas Harnett O'Meara
Shot at Clapham Road Studios