A film by Catherine Prowse.

Original Compositions and Sound Design by Kalle Jurvanen.

Special thanks to Stephen Brown, Tom Fisher, Rachel Gannon, Dave Hallet, Phil Hollins, Souli Spiropoulou and Ada Wikdahl.

A 30 second stop motion papercut animation following a series of animals native to Sub Saharan Africa. The film is a celebration of paper as a tool for creation by the human hand. It draws an implicit parallel between the vulnerable state of wildlife in the natural world today and the fragility of the material, prone to tears and creases but also threatened by the increasing preference for digital aesthetics. The boils in the hand cut paper fur give the animals a very vivid, tactile feel, suggesting the physicality of paper in its three-dimensional form. This contrasts sharply with the final shot of the snake in the cage, which is viewed as we view most visual media, through a glass screen.

A selection of the puppets from the film. All the animal fur and small feathers in the animation were made from cutting long strips of paper to look a bit like false eyelashes then layering them very closely over each other.