Beautifully executed and showing great use of animation, this is almost the prefect short film: well executed, visually and narratively accomplished.
— The Royal Television Society

Made by Catherine Prowse and Hannah Quinn. Original compositions and sound design by Kalle Jurvanen.

Awards: Winner of the Royal Television Society Undergraduate Animation Award 2018; Winner of the Royal Television Society Judges' Award 2018; Winner of a Creative Conscience Gold Medal Award 2018; Shortlisted for the British Animation Awards Best Student Film 2018; Winner of the Grand Jury Heartstrings Award, Short Short Story Film Festival, 2017; Winner of the Audience Heartstrings Award, Short Short Story Festival, 2017; Winner of the Short Film Prize, World of Women Film Fair Middle East; Winner of the Animation Prize, Highway 61 Festival 2017; Winner of Best Animation, St. Francis Film Festival 2018; First Rinner Up, Chitrakatha Film Festival 2017.

Festival Screenings: The Smalls Film Festival, UK; Manchester Animation Festival, UK; Paris International Animation Film Festival, France; Stop Motion Montreal, Canada; St. Louis International Film Festival, USA; Cardiff Animation Festival, UK; Cardiff Mini Film Festival, UK; Up and Coming Festival, Hannover, Germany; Crown Heights Film Festival, Brooklyn, USA; D.C. Independent Film Festival, USA; Animation Day in Cannes, France; Northwest Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia; Athens Animfest, Greece; Linoleum International Animation and Media Arts Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine; Zlín Film Festival, Czech Republic; Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, USA; Lebanese Independent Film Festival, Lebanon; Conscious Cartoons, Seattle, USA; Reanimania International Film and Comics Festival, Armenia; Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, Canada; Highway 61, USA; Cambodia International Film Festival, Cambodia; CRAFT International Animation Festival, Indonesia; Animae Caribe, Trinidad and Tobago; Foyle Film Festival, UK; Great Lakes Film Fest, USA; Animation Dingle, Ireland; KO:SH Film Fest, Albania; Chitrakatha Film Festival, India; Leiden International Short Film Experience, The Netherlands; Imaginary Festival, Italy; World of Women Film Fair Middle East, UAE; Beirut International Women Film Festival, Lebanon; Around International Film Festival, Paris, France; Short Short Story Film Festival, USA; Berlin Student Film Festival, Germany; Student World Awards, Los Angeles, USA; NewFilmMakers New York, USA; SHORT to the point, Romania; Women and Minorities in Media Festival, USA; St. Francis College Women's Film Festival, USA.

A stop motion animation set in a Middle Eastern war zone, where a woman defies the violence and destruction around her by growing a lemon garden. The film follows the gardener on her journey as she tries to inject life and hope into her home by filling it with beautiful things.


Every set and prop from the film was hand crafted out of paper over the course of six months. The individual elements of the scene were then filmed separately and composited, as seen in this behind the scenes video of the original footage we shot before it was edited together. The character was drawn onto paper cutouts, scanned and added digitally.


It was really important to us not to sentimentalise the ongoing violence in the Middle East and to communicate the precariousness of our character's situation. So we explored the qualities of paper as a medium, crumpling and tearing to create a sense of fragility and vulnerability.