Beautifully executed and showing great use of animation, this is almost the prefect short film: well executed, visually and narratively accomplished.
— The Royal Television Society

A film by Catherine Prowse and Hannah Quinn. Original compositions and sound design by Kalle Jurvanen.

Awards: Winner of the Royal Television Society Undergraduate Animation Award 2018; Winner of the Royal Television Society Judges' Award 2018; Winner of a Creative Conscience Gold Medal Award 2018; Shortlisted for the British Animation Awards Best Student Film 2018; Winner of Best Student Film, Charlotte Film Festival 2018; Winner of Best Student Film, Wimbledon Short Film Festival 2018; Winner of the International Animation prize, Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2018; Winner of the Grand Jury Heartstrings Award, Short Short Story Film Festival, 2017; Winner of the Audience Heartstrings Award, Short Short Story Festival, 2017; Winner of the Animation Prize, KO:SH Film Festival, 2018; Winner of the animation prize, Baja California International Film Festival, 2018; Winner of the Short Film Prize, World of Women Film Fair Middle East; Winner of the Animation Prize, Highway 61 Festival 2017; Winner of Best Animation, St. Francis Film Festival 2018; First Rinner Up, Chitrakatha Film Festival 2017.

A stop motion animation set in a Middle Eastern war zone, where a woman defies the violence and destruction around her by growing a lemon garden. The film follows the gardener on her journey as she tries to inject life and hope into her home by filling it with beautiful things.

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2017-2018 Festival Screenings: The Smalls Film Festival, UK; Manchester Animation Festival, UK; Paris International Animation Film Festival, France; Stop Motion Montreal, Canada; St. Louis International Film Festival, USA; Cardiff Animation Festival, UK; Cardiff Mini Film Festival, UK; Up and Coming Festival, Hannover, Germany; Crown Heights Film Festival, Brooklyn, USA; D.C. Independent Film Festival, USA; Animation Day in Cannes, France; Northwest Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia; Two Short Nights Festival, UK; Anim!Arte Festival, Brazil; Two Short Nights Film Festival, UK; Athens Animfest, Greece; Linoleum International Animation and Media Arts Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine; Zlín Film Festival, Czech Republic; Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, USA; Stop Motion Barcelona, Spain; Lebanese Independent Film Festival, Lebanon; Conscious Cartoons, Seattle, USA; Reanimania International Film and Comics Festival, Armenia; Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, Canada; Highway 61, USA; International Film Festival of Wales, UK; Cambodia International Film Festival, Cambodia; Student International Film Festival, Croatia; CRAFT International Animation Festival, Indonesia; Animae Caribe, Trinidad and Tobago; Foyle Film Festival, UK; Great Lakes Film Fest, USA; Animation Dingle, Ireland; Festival Protesta, Barcelona, Spain; World of Film International Film Festival, Glasgow, U.K.; KO:SH Film Fest, Albania; Baja California International Film Festival, Mexico; International Student Animation Festival of Brazil; International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, Malaysia; Chitrakatha Film Festival, India; Leiden International Short Film Experience, The Netherlands; World of Women Film Fair Middle East, UAE; Beirut International Women Film Festival, Lebanon; Around International Film Festival, Paris, France; Short Short Story Film Festival, USA; 3D Wire, Spain; Kinofilm Manchester, U.K.; Berlin Student Film Festival, Germany; Student World Awards, Los Angeles, USA; NewFilmMakers New York, USA; SHORT to the point, Romania; Women and Minorities in Media Festival, USA; Imaginaria Film Festival, Italy; Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival, France; Rome International Film Festival, Georgia, USA; Boston Palestine Film Festival, USA; St. Francis College Women's Film Festival, USA.