The JArndyCE Miscellany Cover

Jarndyce Square.jpg

Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers commissioned a book cover for their 2018 Miscellany catalogue. Intricate details hidden around the paper set hint at items in the catalogue: the Bible for the books on missionaries, the martini glass for their cocktail books, the globe for travel writing, the Victorian jug for their Arnold Bennet collection, the model ship for their naval material, the skull with a knife and fork sticking out of it as a nod to their books on cannibalism, the guillotine as a reference to their French revolutionary texts and the Charles Dickens bust on the mantelpiece because of their status as the world's leading Dickens bookshop.

Scroll down for the version that appeared in print, featuring an Edwardian lady relaxing with a book in her library.

Assistants: Tom FisherHannah Quinn and Nathan Ward

with character Jarndyce.jpg